General features of skates, wheels, brakes and accessories STD Skates.

In skating, as in any other sport, the material and design play a very important role; Therefore, it is key to carry a suitable material and design. In skating there are not the best skates, but the more suitable for each skater in each level according to their way of skating. The skid / boot assembly must be adjusted to the foot, not having wrinkles, respond to the movements demanded by the skater precisely, be comfortable, light and roll well without vibration. The brand STD Skates has several highly specialized models of skates made of various materials that meet the needs of the total skaters in each phase of their learning. Fibber skates, forged aluminum skates, CNC aviation aluminum skates, carbon fibber and resin skids, pressed and hand made.

STD Skates are designed based on the philosophy on which the coaches themselves are divided into large blocks; Power skating or Inertial skating, low center of gravity or very low center of gravity skates. Skates with brake away or near the front axle.



Obviously the high center of gravity skates designed in the last century are already obsolete.The more you skate by inertia the closer you should be to the front wheel and the more distance there must be between axles. The more level of skill in the skating is acquired lower should be the center of gravity of the skate and therefore of the skater.


The STD skates have in each model and in each level different distances to the brake and different centers of gravity, it is personal choice of the skater and coach to choose the most appropriate model in each moment of the technical learning of each skater without forgetting the boots, that like STD skates are also manufactured to suit the characteristics of each skater and their personal technique.

STD Skates have a single suspension steering and adjustment system that makes spare parts fit all brand

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